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As a child, Sammy Silke was close friend of Richard Fisk, and both had fathers operating in organized crime families. All grown up and an ambitious mobster himself, Silke was allowed to join then-blind Kingpin’s organization as a favor to Silke's father. Matt Murdock was giving Silke's father problems, so Silke asked the Kingpin to take care of it for him, but when Wilson Fisk refused this angered Sammy greatly.

Richard Fisk ultimately told Sammy that the Kingpin knows Matt Murdock is really Daredevil but refused to do anything about it. Silke arranged a rebellion with Richard Fisk, and ordered an assassination attempt on Murdock in the Kingpin's name. Silke also persuades Kingpin’s captains to turn on him and Silke eventually stabs the Kingpin several times leaving him for dead. Sammy now planned on running New York's underworld.

However, the Kingpin's wife Vanessa took him out of the country when she discovered that he survived the assassination attempt. In the end, Sammy’s partners start to die off by order of Vanessa Fisk, but she decides to end the life of her own son Richard herself. Silke goes to the F.B.I. to beg for his safety. Refusing to give any info on his father, he decided he would bargain for his life with the identity of Daredevil. One of the FBI agents he told it to would later disclose Murdock's name to the press.

He was later told by a guard that his father came to visit him, but when Silke got there, it was Wilson Fisk who was waiting for him. The Kingpin then crushed Silke's head to a pulp, to finally exact his revenge.

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