Sandi Brandenberg

Sondra "Sandi" BrandenbergSandi Brandenberg



As a child Sandi would take in stray animals and keep them even if they attacked her, believing that she could not let them go once they knew who she was. As an adult Sandi became a dancer and while on vacation at a Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, she met the mercenary known as Taskmaster while he was posing as "Tony Masters." Taskmaster impressed Sandi with his ability to roll dice and convinced her to go on a date. He continued to wine and dine her long after, repeatedly flying her around the country on his private jet to meet him while he was conducting business. One of their romantic outings took place on a balcony, so Taskmaster could observe the destruction of a building owned by the Triads, who had crossed him on a previous assignment. Members of the gang tracked Taskmaster to his suite and began a ruthless firefight, during which Taskmaster revealed his masked identity to Sandi. Unfortunately, one of the Triads shot Sandi in the back, but she survived her injury and ended her relationship with Taskmaster, although he remained obsessed with her.




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