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Marko is an albino working as an adventurer as a member of the Four who are Frightful along with Medusa, Trapster and their leader The Wizard in 1602.

While staying in Latvaria Sandman was roused from his bed and taken to the castle of Otto von Doom after The Wizard boasted in a bar that he and his crew had sailed to the edge of the world and seen the city of the gods. The claims had come to the attention of von Doom and he ordered the Frightful Four to escort him on a journey to city on the edge of the world so they may find a way to cure his scarred face. Doom also kidnapped the playwright Shakespeare to chronicle the events of the journey and thus alerted the Four of the Fantastick who set out to stop him. After a long and dangerous journey, during which time Doom’s ship was destroyed forcing him and the Frightful Four to board the Fantastick, they reached the edge of the world where they were attacked by a Leviathon. After the Leviathon was defeated by Medusa and John Storm Captain Grimm seized Doom and began threatening him. Sandman then used his powers to blow dust into Grimm’s face knocking him out. Doom congratulated Master Marko but was spurred as Marko claimed “he preferred Sandman”.

The group are then met by Emperor Numenor, the ruler of the city of the gods, and his cousin Rita. Rita immidiatly falls for John Storm and Numenor for Susan. Numenor welcomes the travellers into the city and soon strikes a deal with Numenor to repair his damaged face in exchange for Susan and John’s affections for himself and Rita. Unfortunately Rita overhears this and is outraged.

Sandman uses his powers to hypnotise John and Susan but he is knocked out before he is finished by Rita who tells John and Susan of Numenor and Doom’s Plan.

When Susan confronts Numenor about this Numenor thinks Doom has betrayed him. In the confusion The Wizard manages to grab Numenor’s magic trident which magnifies his powers and causes him to lift the city high into the sky. Doom snatches the trident from The Wizard and stabs Numenor with it. This causes the whole city to crumble and fall out of the sky. Sandman and Trapster attempt to escape the collapsing city but are killed by a falling pillar. As the piller falls on them Sandman smiles and says “To sleep... perchance to dream.”






Blue (or black when he is using his powers)



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