A carnival performer with a legitimate mind-reading ability, Sandu came to the attention of Loki, God of Evil, then exiled from Earth by Odin. Sensing Sandu's evil nature, Loki increased his powers a thousandfold. After robbing a bank, a race track, a train carrying gold bullion, and a local museum, Sandu teleported a Sultan's palace to the U.S.A. and declared himself master of the world. He levitated the United Nations building and threatened to send it into space unless the delegates made him absolute ruler. When Thor challenged him, Sandu pinned him beneath a building. Thor sought help from Odin, who sent two ethereal Valkries to Earth with Thor's belt of strength, allowing Thor to break free, but Sandu transported Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, and himself to another dimension. There Sandu worked so hard to raise the unliftable hammer that he gave himself a mental short circuit. Shorn of Loki's power, Sandu was easily defeated, and all of his deeds undone.




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