Scarlet Scarab

Abdul FaoulScarlet Scarab

Scarlet Scarab is the protector of Egypt, defending his home from all foreign invasions.


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Moon Knight #25 Trailer | Marvel Comics

Witness the rise of Scarlet Scarab and a thrilling new chapter in the Moon Knight mythos when MOON KNIGHT #25 and MOON KNIGHT: CITY OF THE DEAD #1 hit stands in July.

MOON KNIGHT: CITY OF THE DEAD #1 variant cover by Davi Go


The Scarlet Scarab Comes to Marvel Comics in 'Moon Knight: City of the Dead'

Moon Knight's past and present collide in Jed Mackay's monumental 'Moon Knight' #25, followed by the comic debut of the Scarlet Scarab in David Pepose's 'Moon Knight: City of the Dead.'


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'Moon Knight': May Calamawy and Sara Goher on the Magic of Bringing Egyptian Super Hero Scarlet Scarab On-Screen

TV Shows

'Moon Knight': May Calamawy and Sara Goher on the Magic of Bringing Egyptian Super Hero Scarlet Scarab On-Screen

The ‘Moon Knight’ star and consulting producer reveal what it means to them to feel represented by Layla El-Faouly.



Dr. Abdul Faoul takes the protection of his homeland of Egypt seriously, using the Ruby Scarab to transform into the Scarlet Scarab, a being of god-like power that enables him to fight attackers.

Egyptian Nationalist

Abdul Faoul is an Egyptian nationalist who, by using an ancient artifact, becomes the Scarlet Scarab, protector of Egypt from foreign influence. During World War II, Faoul leads of the Sons of the Scarab against attackers.

Ancient Artifact

Using the Ruby Scarab, a sacred talisman and ancient magical artifact, Faoul becomes the empowered Scarlet Scarab. The artifact gives him superhuman strength, multiplying his strength a thousand fold and turns his bodily energies into bolts of mystical energy which he can fire at and disable his opponents. He can also use this energy to create a protective aura around himself that prevents bodily harm, providing a form of invincibility. The artifact also enables flight and the ability to drain powers from others upon physical contact. 

Tentative Enemies

A group of superhumans join forces as the Invaders, and alongside their British allies, Brian Falsworth, AKA Union Jack, and his sister Jackie Falsworth, AKA Spitfire, they arrive in Egypt to go up against the Nazis. However, Faoul sees them as foreign invaders and attacks them. However, he ultimately sides with them against the Nazis.

External Allies and Family Ties 

During WWII, Fauol first opposed the Invaders, including Union Jack, Bucky Barns (later Winter Soldier), Steve Rogers, AKA Captain America, Spitfire, Thomas Raymond, AKA Toro, Jim Hammond, AKA Human Torch, and Namor the Sub-Mariner, but later joined forces with them.

Faoul’s son, Mehemet, takes his father’s alias and duties as protector of Egypt, becoming the modern day Scarlet Scarab.  

Defending Egypt

In an effort to free his homeland from foreign rule, Faoul allied with the Invaders who were supporting the British in Egypt, to help him uncover the Ruby Scarab—an artifact of magic. As an expert in Egyptian history, Faoul lures them to a location where the Ruby Scarab was located, but once there he takes in and transforms him into the powerful Scarlet Scarab. He battles the Invaders, seeing their presence there as a threat to Egypt. Seeing that their interests aligned, Scarab fought the Nazis with the Invaders. But when Union Jack offered to help out, Fauol rejected him since he abhorred any foreign powers in Egypt.

As the Scarlet Scarab, he continued to protect his homeland until his death, upon which he passed the mantel and Ruby Scarab to his son, Mehemet Faoul.