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Felicity Hardy was the daughter of Spider-Man's former girlfriend (and crime fighting partner), Felicia Hardy (the Black Cat) and his high school rival and friend, Flash Thompson. Felicia helped train her young daughter in gymnastics and martial arts. When Felicia left Flash for her lesbian girlfriend, Felicity took it hard, becoming resentful. Knowing how her mother would be furious if Felicity became a costumed hero (like her mother once was), Felicity sought out Spider-Girl, hoping that Spider-Girl would take her on as a sidekick. Patterning a costume after Spider-Girl's, Felicity confronted her hero to prove that she would make a great crimefighter, even revealing that she knew Spider-Girl's secret identity as May Parker. When Felicity asked Spider-Girl to help her come up with an identity that didn't involve cats (another sign of her resentment towards her mother), Spider-Girl stated the she was not taking a non-powered teenager into battle.

Not dissuaded, Felicity began to look through old news reports involving Spider-Man, and came across an article that showed Spider-Man fighting crime alongside his clone, Scarlet Spider. She quickly created a Scarlet Spider costume and once again tried to be a hero. Despite her best efforts, Spider-Girl found herself working with the new Scarlet Spider on more than one occasion (many of the fights nearly resulted in the death of Scarlet Spider). Felicia found out what her daughter had done, and confronted her. Felicity asked her mother if she was mad because she became a hero, or because she didn't patterned herself after the Black Cat. After a near death experience with the madman Kaine, Felicity retired as the Scarlet Spider.

But when Flash Thompson was about to lose his job as the basketball coach of Spider-Girl's high school, Felicity sought out her "mentor's" help once again, asking May to rejoin the basketball team. May refused, stating that using her powers on the basketball court was the same as cheating. When it was revealed that May was upset since a cult called the Scriers was out to kill Spider-Girl, Felicity became Scarlet Spider again to help Spider-Girl, but was almost killed by a Scrier. Felicity swore that she would hang up her mask, but it is likely that when given the opportunity, she will become Scarlet Spider again.likely that when given the opportunity, she will become Scarlet Spider again. Felicity returned in Amazing Spider-Girl recently, offering to help May.









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