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The unidentified man who eventually became Scorpio was once studying to be a surgeon, however, he became board of his mundane existence within the universal scheme of things. He spawned and overwhelming desire to become someone who mattered. A Zodiac Key from the Ankh Dimension sensed his emotions and sought him out, transforming him into the new Scorpio. He learned that the last millennium had unraveled "incorrectly," and that the Key was needed to ensure the following thousand years would unravel correctly. He mastered the Brotherhood of the Ankh and brought the cosmic entity In-Betweener under his control. Scorpio used the Key to teleport the world capitals into the Ankh Dimension, plunging the Earth into chaos, but the Avengers rose against him and defeated him, restoring the planet to normal. However, Scorpio hinted that the Avengers had no idea of the Zodiac's true intentions. Since then, members of the Zodiac are known to have taken hostages at the United Nations building in New York, but they were opposed by the Young Avengers. Still its not known if this group had any conections with Scorpio.









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