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Scott SummersScott Summers



Scott Summers was the first of two sons born to Major Christopher Summers, a test pilot for the U.S. Air Force, and his wife Katherine. He spent his youth shuffling from air base to air base, following his father from assignment to assignment.

In his late teens, Scott decided that he would become a civilian pilot. He worked for his grandfather as pilot for their private family airline in Alaska. It was on one of these flights that he met his future wife, Emma Frost, who was on a family trip to a private hunting cottage in the Alaskan wilderness.

The two fell in love, married a few years later and moved to Hartford, Connecticut. Even though Scott is a mutant, he prefers to keep his abilities to himself. He is happily married to Emma and is content living the life of a commercial pilot.

Special Limitations: Due to an inability to control his optic blasts, Scott must wear his ruby quartz glasses.

He found that the House of M was begining due to the fact was losing control of her powers and making all the mutents lose all their powers. Him and the x-men joined the avengers with professer xavier.




195 lbs.


Brown, glowing red when using powers



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