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Scribe was a member of London branch of the Hellfire Club's Inner Circle. She served as the groups Red Rook and stenographer or transcriber of all Inner Circle's business meetings. Scribe was aggressively possessed by the body-stealing, future fugitive known as Mountjoy. After commandeering Scribe's body, Mountjoy revealed the other members of the Hellfire Club's plan to gain ultimate power from the demon beneath London to Captain Britain (Brian Braddock), and he in turn informed London's super-team Excalibur. During the ensuing battle, Mountjoy relinquished Scribe's body and fled, but he was captured by Captain Britain before he could take siege of another host. Scribe and Mountjoy were both incarcerated and later bailed out of jail by Sebastian Shaw and Scribe (again possessed by Mountjoy) was pitted against Circle candidate Madelyne Pryor (secretly Earth-9575's Jean Grey) to test her worthiness. In the heat of the battle, "Pryor" reached into Scribe and snatched Mountjoy from her body.









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