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Official records on the individual called Shatterstar are sparse, and limited to recent years. Supposedly, Shatterstar is Gaveedra Seven, the product of bio-engineering on an otherdimensional world, who was at one point merged with an Earth mutant named Benjamin Russell, the nature of whose genetic mutation remains unknown. Some sources suggest that Shatterstar possesses superhuman abilities relating to the absorption of sonic and vibrational energy, as well as an intuitive learning capability, but these claims can not be substantiated at this time. Shatterstar is known to have served in the unsanctioned mutant group X-Force, and has been involved in numerous superhuman conflicts.

During Civil War, Shatterstar briefly rejoined X-Force, and helped in the assault in the X-Mansion, to free the 198 from the grounds. Recently, he joined X-Factor Investigations.




210 lbs.





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