Shape (Earth-712)

Raleigh LundShape



Little is known about Shape's life before his appearance as one of the members of the criminal Institute of Evil.

Often clashing with the heroes of the Squadron Supreme, the Shape was later subjected to the mind-altering behavior modification device used as part of the Squadron Supreme's "Utopia Program." He was later contacted by the ex-Squadron member Nighthawk to reverse the behavior modification, although Shape remained loyal to the Squadron instead of joining Nighthawk's team of super powered "Redeemers" to fight the influence of the Squadron. Shape sided with the Squadron when the Redeemers openly opposed them, and he remained with them as they began to dismantle the Utopia Program.

Shape also left with the team to confront the powerful Nth Man, whose existence threatend the Squadron's Earth. Although the Nth Man was thwarted, Shape and the Squadron became trapped on the mainstream Earth for many months. When he finally returned to his native dimension, Shape was injured in reentry and was remanded to hospital care.


Variable, (normally) 5'9"


255 lbs.





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