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Sharon Friedlander



Sharon Friedlander used to work as a nurse in Salem Center, New York. One night, her hospital was attacked by the Demon Bear, an ennemy of the New Mutants. The Demon Bear had formerly hurt the new mutant Danielle Moonstar and was then trying to kill her. During the fight, Friedlander and Tom Corsi were caught by the magic energies of the demon and transfigured. Originally caucasian, they now had Cheyenne complexions, with peak human strenght, stamina and reflexes. Eventually, both decided to stay with the New Mutants at the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters. After the Mutant Massacre, in which the Marauders killed almost all Morlocks, the surviving mutants were transferred to the Muir Island, and Sharon and Tom went along to take care of them. Later, presumably before the Shadow King took possession of the minds of all inhabitants of the Island, they left Moira McTaggert's Research Center to work on a school for children with the Down syndrome. One of the students was a mutant, and the Acolytes tried to recruit him. When they invaded the institution, Sharon tried to protect the kids and was killed by Cargill.





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