Decades ago, the Weapon X Project, tenth incarnation of the Weapon Plus Program, created the Shiva Scenario, a computer program using giant robots to kill Weapon X sleeper agents or renegade operatives if necessary. In recent years, former Weapon X operative Wolverine, a victims of Weapon X's memory alterations, investigated a Weapon X facility an inadvertently activated the Shiva scenario; days later, under the direction of Weapon X head scientist Truet Hudson, also known as "Professor Thornton," a Shiva unit battled Wolverine. He destroyed it, then fought and destroyed a second Shiva unit. Later, Weapon X alumnus Silver Fox killed Hudson, and several Shiva's activated and searched for additional Weapon X targets. Weeks later, two such targets, Sabertooth and John Wraith, each destroyed a Shiva, then joined forces with Wolverine and others to confront Psi-Borg (Aldo Ferro), telepathic creator of their memory implants and holder of many weapon X secrets. During this conflict, a fifth Shiva attacked Psi-Borg and was also destroyed. Years later, when Wolverine regained his full memories, he invaded the White House to confront a high-level government official with unspecified ties to his manipulators, but a Shiva unit, acquired and activated by unidentified parties, arrived in a missile and slew the official. Using the Muramasa Sword, wolverine destroyed the Shiva minutes later, but others presumably remain at large.




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