Siren (Earth-93060)

Jennifer PearsonSiren



Jennifer Pearson was the daughter of Rick Pearson and Pamela Joyce Dent. Her father worked for the government agency known as Aladdin. He assumed the codename of the Eliminator. There is not much known of Jennifer's young life. She appeared on the Ultra hero scene as Siren after being held hostage by her fathers foe known as Mannequin. She later joined the hero team UltraForce. In the company of UltraForce she battled the Avengers of the 616 Universe. She would later find herself in the universe of the Avengers. There she would be confronted by the villain trainer the Taskmaster. During her audition with the Taskmaster, Siren was engaged in combat by Diamondback who was seeking employment. Taskmaster informed them that he had a job for the both of them and assigned the two of them to kill the former Avenger War Machine. The two of them failed this mission. Siren's current whereabouts are unknown.





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