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In 1602, Sister Wanda worked with the Grand Inquisitor Enrique and her brother, Petros, to track down and eradicate the witchbreed: people born with superhuman powers. Though Wanda, herself, was born with the powers controlling reality and magical energies. Enrique was her father, but he never revealed this to her, only using her and her brother to further his cause, giving Wanda even less information than he gave Petros. The Inquisitor used the Inquisition to make his cause appear holy, but what he truly wanted was to gather a group of witchbreed who could pass for human, though he was prepared to take over the world with them. Unknowing of this, Sister Wanda continued to work for her father, using her gifts to keep him protected from psychic attacks. She sensed the prying mind of Doctor Strange, the English court’s physician and magician, but when she voiced these concerns to her father, he assumed it was Carlos Javier’s doing, and he ordered extra guard for the next day’s witchbreed burning. Javier was a fellow witchbreed, and an ex-friend of Enrique’s, who built a school to house the less physically appealing witchbreed, and so was set against Enrique.

Wanda was asked to leave shortly afterwards, as Enrique discussed potential dealings with King James with his son. Later, while Enrique dictated doctrine to Wanda to copy down, concerning the gifts of God and the Devil, Wanda questioned if whether her and her brother’s powers were not gifts of the Devil. But instead of answering directly, Enrique replied that as long as he was an Inquisitor, they had nothing to fear. Wanda’s brother soon came running up, out of breath, from the court of King James.

Once Queen Elizabeth was dead, and King James had been convinced that it was Enrique that killed her, Petros returned to announce that James agreed to turn over any witchbreed that he captured to Enrique. Wanda then explained that a message had come from Rome, expressing concern over their missing envoy, who had actually come to kill Enrique, though Enrique got him first. Enrique said that it was already too late for them. Petros later returned again from James, explaining that he had refused to hand over Javier’s students, who he had recently captured with the help of Nicholas Fury, the Queen’s spymaster. Enrique explained that he was willing to take the witchbreed from him, then sent Petros back out to his man at the Vatican to feel them out. But before Petros could return from an errand to the castle of Count Otto von Doom, James had captured anyone connected to the old regime and had threatened Enrique’s Vatican contact, Toad, into telling him Enrique’s secrets. James then prepared to burn Wanda and her father at the stake, adding Petros to the trio once he arrived to alert his father.

But James’ victory was short-lived, as Enrique used his powers over metal to free himself and his children from their chains, and place on his head a special helmet that Javier had gifted to him when they were friends. Together, the three boarded a ship and prepared to meet the rest of Enrique’s Brotherhood, as he began to call them. But the winds took them in a different direction, and Enrique decreed that they would go with them. The boat eventually took them to the New World, where Javier’s men attacked them, freezing the boat and imprisoning Wanda and her family within. Javier soon boarded the boat, himself, offering Wanda’s father freedom in exchange for help to heal their world that was slowly tearing itself apart after a stranger from a future time landed in the Roanoke Colony of America. Her father agreed, and he joined the group of heroes who succeeded in repairing the rift and saving their universe.

Though, unbeknownst to Wanda and her brother, their father bargained with Javier to let him sail north freely, and asked Javier to train his son and daughter, but never reveal to them that he was their father. He also told Javier that he would return one day to recover them.









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