Needing no provocation or reasoning behind her actions, Skin-Bender terrorized a small town simply for her pleasure. Whether she was summoned by someone or happened by on her own accord is unknown, but if it wasn't for the Ghost Rider, Skin-Bender wouldn't have loosened her grip on the townsfolk.

Johnny Blaze was still reeling from the tremendous defeat to the rogue angel, Zadkiel, when he happened upon some of Skin-Bender's minions. They brought Blaze to their mistress, and once she tried to manipulate his skin, she knew there was more to him than she surmised. She wanted to see what he was already remade into, but it was only under the threat of violence to a small child that Johnny obliged. The Ghost Rider came forth, and instead of fearing the Spirit of Vengeance, Skin-Bender fell in love, claiming he was the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen. She begged him to speak to her, but Ghost Rider offered up only one word – "Burn." Fire rained down from the sky and mercilessly struck Skin-Bender and her followers. Ghost Rider proceeded to crush Skin-Bender's form into a living ball of blood and bone and tossed her out to sea. Having vanquished the demon, most of the people returned to their normal state, leaving only a few with abnormalities to remind them of their encounter with the beast.

Some time later, Skin-Bender returned when a fishing boat snagged her in their nets. Her body was reforming itself even as she and her minions attacked the hapless fishermen.









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