Skylark (Earth-712)

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Linda Lewis was a successful pop singer who became the unfortunate victim of an accident that severed her vocal chords. An experimental technique to replace them performed by Dr. Anton Decibel endowed her with superhuman vocal powers. Instead of joining Decibel's Institute of Evil, she became a hero, invited to join the Squadron Supreme sometime prior to their first encounter with the Avengers as their fourth recruit.

Later, during the Squadron's Utopia Program, the team's scientist developed the mind-altering behavior modification device. Lady Lark's teammate, the Golden Archer, had grown madly in love with her, and subjected her to the behavior modification device to force her to return his devotion. When his activities was discovered, he was expelled from the group, and Lady Lark, still consumed with devotion, followed him. They both joined Nighthawk's band of Redeemers who hoped to opposed the Squadron's program, and during the final battle between the teams, the Archer was killed and Lady Lark was consumed with grief.

Lady Lark remained with the Squadron as they began to dismantle the Utopia Program. She also left with the team to confront the powerful Nth Man, whose existence threatend the Squadron's Earth. During this time, she used a variation of the mechanical wings used by the Blue Eagle in order to fly. Although the Nth Man was thwarted, Lady Lark and the Squadron became trapped on the mainstream Earth for many months. When on Earth, she changed her code name to Skylark. Finally returning to her native dimension with the team, Skylark was injured in reentry and was remanded to hospital care.




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