Has fought numerous bizarre villains and encountered a variety of superhumans including Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, Daredevil, the New Warriors, the Fantastic Four, Doctor Yesterday, the Overkiller, and the Neutron Bum. He has also developed a friendly rivalry with Speedball. He later joined the Initiative and beat his instructor,Gauntlet (Joseph Green) into a near-coma and painted NW (for New Warriors) on his shirt in his own blood. for cracking jokes about and insulting the New Warriors. Steven was placed in a prison with other initiative trainees and instructors who had ties with the New Warriors. However when Gauntlet woke up,he claimed it was an invisible Iron Man villain who beat him,and not anyone in the Initiative. Slapstick and the others were released from prison.


Variable (as Harmon) 5'7"


Variable (as Harmon) 145 lbs.


Blue pupils, yellow irises (as Harmon) Blue


Purple, (as Harmon) Blonde

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