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Australian mutant siblings Heather and Davis Cameron were sent to live in Surfer's Paradise by their father in an effort to spare them from his life as Viceroy, godfather of Australian organized crime. Unaware of their father's identity or their own latent mutant natures, Heather became a lifeguard while Davis became a surfer. When Heather's mutant nature manifested she kept it a secret, using it only to help save lives as part of her job. After their father was killed in Sydney by the mutant illusionist Lady Mastermind on behalf of mutant powerbroker Sebastian Shaw, the siblings became targets in the ensuing gang war as potential heirs to their father's criminal empire. Investigating the death due to the implications of their ally Gambit, the X-Men sought to protect the children. Storm and Thunderbird befriended the siblings in Surfer's Paradise but were soon attacked by Boxers, assassins sent by the Chinese Triads, and Heather was forced to publicly reveal her mutant nature to help defeat them. After learning of their father's identity and the gang war, Heather and Davis sought to help the X-Men stop the carnage. Heather herself was instrumental in defeating Lady Master mind; however, Shaw escaped conviction. Joined the X-Men, Heather helped the team against the alien Shaitan but was captured. Seeking to help rescue his sister, Davis agreed to let Sage jumpstart his own latent mutation and he joined the team as Slipstream. Heather, meanwhile, failed to prevent Shaitan from opening a dimensional portal that allowed his master Khan's army to invade Earth. Reunited with the X-Men, Heather helped oppose the invasion, during which time her powers inadvertently activated the dormant alien Shi'ar genome in her DNA, transforming her into an avian-like human/Shi'ar hybrid. After the X-Men repelled the the invasion, Heather was reunited with Davis, who rejected her new appearance and left. Heather set about searching for him, accompanied by Thunderbird, but ultimately joined the X-Corporation's Mumbai branch before it was bombed in a terrorist attack. After Slipstream lost his mutant abilities on "House of M|M-Day," the whereabouts of both siblings is unknown.




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