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Ulysses X. LugmanSlug



Ulysses Lugman was born in Miami, Florida. He is a Miami-based drug kingpin and criminal organizer, and also president and owner of several legal businesses. When he was learned to be the Kingpin's Miami drug connection, his organization was infiltrated by the Nomad. He battled Nomad and Captain America, and his business is toppled and his yacht was sunk with the assistance of Vagabond.

The Slug later conferred with the Kingpin about a disruption in the drug supply caused by the High Evolutionary's agents. The Slug agreed to eliminate investment counselor Joe Trinity for his employee Dallas Kerr. He encountered a transformed Trinity, and Poison.

Lugman is one of the villains shown in the crossover event Dead Man's Hand. A mysterious organization creates a meeting in Las Vegas in order to divide up the territory and related situations of the deposed criminal master mind the Kingpin. Among the many criminal groups attended are the Secret Empire, Werner von Strucker and Hammerhead's group. The situation falls apart due to various factors, including infighting among the group leaders and the slightly successful infiltration of Microchip.

Having been warned by Nomad's enemy the 'Favor Broker', Lugman attempts to flee the situation in a vehicle specially designed to accommodate his weight. The vigilantes Daredevil, Punisher, and Nomad track down the vehicle due to its unique size and the small number of ways out of town. It is Nomad who has a personal stake in the confrontation, hating Lugman especially. Circumstance saves Lugman's life as it is Nomad and not the criminal-murdering Punisher who gets to him first. After a moral quandary and the depressing realization that Lugman has simply forgotten Nomad, the vigilante hero knocks him out. Despite this, Punisher tries to kill Lugman, only to realize his weapon is empty.

Later, Lugman is seen bowing under the pressure and blackmail of Don Fortunato, who wishes to be the new kingpin of crime. Spider-Man and Daredevil help break up this meeting, seemingly leaving Ulysses free with his territory intact. He was seen imprisoned in The Raft, a prison for superhuman criminals.

Post Civil War

Slug breaks out of the Raft and joins the Hood's criminal empire. He helps them fight the New Avengers, but is taken down by Doctor Strange.

Secret Invasion

As Hood's crime syndicate are questioning one of a group of Skrulls that had tried to take Madame Masque, it is discovered that Slug is a Skrull in disguise. As a result, the Skrull posing as Slug is killed by the Hood. The others wonder when Slug had been replaced.

The real Slug is later seen as part of the Hood's criminal gang that is sent by Norman Osborn to attack the New Avengers. The fight takes place inside the former Hellfire Club. He and most of the group are defeated in battle






Unknown, wears dark glasses most of the time.



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