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Minamiyori (a.k.a the South Wind) was a member of the Four Winds, a global Japanese crime cartel, connected only by occupation and enmity; each is a don of a rival Yakuza family, renowned for inhumanity even among such rarified circles. During a phase of nominal truce talks, Minamiyori hired Deadpool (“Wade Wilson”) to kill Kita (North Wind), unaware the Black Swan had been hired to kill all Four Winds as "the final achievement of an impeccable career." Deadpool's skylight position was compromised by Minamiyori's brother Nijo, and both men crashed upon the summit just as the Black Swan killed his four targets with just four shots. Deadpool received the credit for the hit, earning Black Swan's enmity, and while the two warred, a replacement claimed the dead Minamiyori’s positions, taking the name of his predecessor.





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