Spider-Byte (Margo)


Margo believes everyone needs a hero, even on the World Wide Web, so she becomes cyberspace’s crime-stopping champion, Spider-Byte.


EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE (2024) #1 cover by Chad Hardin


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EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE #1 cover by Chad Hardin


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EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE #1 Foil Variant Cover by Mahmud Asrar


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Fighting crime online, college student Margo is the World Wide Web’s protector as Spider-Byte. Working for the Cyber Crimes Investigation (C.C.I.) team, she catches criminals in between classes.

World Wide Web

Hailing from Earth-22191 where everyone does everything online, Margo hooks herself up to virtual reality in her school’s computer lab within the Peter Parker Memorial Science & Technology Building. While her friends think she just checks email all the time, she’s actually swinging through cyberspace and chasing down criminals as the costumed web-head, Spider-Byte! She sees her heroism as a kind of community service and starts to make a name for herself by helping people.

Arachnid Abilities

As Spider-Byte, Margo wears a protective suit and mask to keep her identity protected, but the suit is more than meets the eye. It allows her to teleport across distances within cyberspace. Around her wrists, she wears web-shooters capable of projecting webbing that she uses to swing in between buildings and create large webs to catch her prey. Margo is also a capable fighter, able to dodge punches and counterattack.

Perps and Deadly Pests

Most of Spider-Byte’s enemies are thieves and criminals within cyberspace, but when the Inheritors—the vampiric family that feasts on the life force of Spider-People—threaten her and her fellow Spiders from across the Multiverse, Spider-Byte joins the fray against them.

Colleagues Against Crime

Spider-Byte works with C.C.I., who picks up the perps that she catches in her web. She also joins other Spider-Totems like herself from around the Multiverse, such as Peter Parker, AKA Spider-Man, and Gwen Stacy, AKA Ghost-Spider, to stop the evil Inheritors.

A Web of History

While covertly checking her email in her school’s computer lab, Margo entered cyberspace and became her avatar: Spider-Byte! She chased down a thief who stole money from a fellow student in the computer lab. When it looked like they were going to escape, she used her suit to digitally teleport ahead of them. She blocked a punch from the thief and knocked him out with a punch of her own, leaving him there for the C.C.I. to collect. Hearing her friends call her name in the computer lab, she returned to reality and headed off to statistics class.

Later, Spider-Byte joins the Spider-Army to stop the Inheritors from reviving their father, Solus, and perfecting their cloning technology to achieve immortality again.



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