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Don "Donny" CallahanSquid



After his wife died, Mike Callahan found himself unable to relate to his son Donny, who was largely raised by friends and neighbors around Manhattan's upper West side while Mike concentrated on running his bar. Trying to get his father's attention, the easily manipulated Donny fell in with local gangs. Donny's girlfriend Laura convinced Donny to join her in letting unidentified parties mutate them into superhuman enforcers, so that no one would ever again tell them what to do. They joined the Wicked Brigade as the Squid and Ms. Fortune, but on their first mission, attempting to claim a bounty on Spider-Man, they were defeated with embarrassing ease. Their employers turned on the pair, nearly killing Laura, who dumped Donny. Hired to murder shop owners refusing to sell their businesses to the mob, Donny attacked Mike's neighbor, Miguel Vargas, but both Mike and Spider-Man intervened. Turning on his father, Donny was shocked when Mike apologized to him, and after Spider-Man shamed him for attacking his father, Donny, surrendered. Despite this momentary change of heart, the Squid later joined the crimelord Hammerhead's villain army during the superhero "Civil War," was subsequently recruited into the Hood's criminal army, and continues to keep company with other super-villains in Manhattan's Bar With No Name.




160 lbs.





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