Hundreds of thousands of years ago, a peaceful society settled in an unidentified mountain and evolved into a highly civilized race that apparently developed the potential power to turn dream into reality. Drawn to this power, a starship landed bearing aliens who, believing the power came from the mountain, towed it into inter-dimensional space. Survivors eventually overcame the aliens and reversed course. All died, however, except Jaard, who evolved to grasp the dream-power and became Starseed, golden and angelic in appearance. He brought the mountain to its previous location, now Los Angeles' Sunset Boulevard, and attracted Ghost Rider, Morbius, the Werewolf and the Man-Thing (who saw the mountain from the Florida Everglades and was transported, dream-like, to its site). Intending to transform these cursed creatures back to normal prior to creating paradise on Earth, Starseed was attacked by the Werewolf and Morbius and finally, showing fear, burned by Man-Thing. Dying, he completed the transformation, but the dream faded after his death, restoring all as it was before.




378 lbs.


Gold, formerly brown


Gold, formerly brown

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