Unrevealed (last name possibly Foxworth)Sticker



The mystery man known as the Sticker was a scoundrel even before he obtained the experimental Magno-Fluid created by Dr. Sol Haven. Haven's former assistant was planning on stealing the formula and the doctor's magnetic glue samples in order for the Sticker to claim the invention as his own and make millions. Unfortunately for Dr. Haven, he caught the thieves in the act, and the Sticker used Haven's own creation to end the doctor's life. A young Robbie Baldwin was asked to run Dr. Haven's papers over to him, unaware of his demise, and once there, Robbie was ambushed and locked in a cellar. Using his newly acquired kinetic powers to inadvertently transform into Speedball, the Masked Marvel, Robbie broke free and tracked the Sticker down to an old button factory. Inside, Speedball found Dr. Haven's new assistant dead, and a deranged Sticker ready to send him to the grave as well. The Sticker seemed to be a formidable opponent for Speedball especially once he got hold of him. Speedball's powers were useless if he couldn't rebound from one area to another, but the Sticker made a serious miscalculation. He didn't expect the boy to rip his Magno-Armor's helmet off his head, sending the magnetic glue mixture out of control. Sticker was smothered by the very invention he thought would benefit his life, and he was presumed dead once the police were on the scene.

Sometime later, Sticker was revealed to be very much alive and was part of a huge jailbreak that liberated all of Speedball's old enemies. The group of villains were employed to capture Niels, the cat, because it had the same kinetic powers as Speedball. Sticker was an integral part of the capture when the Harlequin Hit Man shot at the cat knowing its kinetic field would ricochet the cat off the bullet and into Sticker's Magno-Fluid. Even though the initial part of the plan was a success, Speedball came back to town and eventually defeated the group. Sticker and his partners were defeated and sent back to prison.









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