Sub-Mariner (Earth-58163)

Namor McKenzieSub-Mariner



It is widely believed Namor was the world's first mutant hero. He first appeared in 1939, off the cost of Southampton, New York. Namor encountered two humans in diving suits and, seeing they were in danger, he helped them to the surface.

Discovering a new world outside the vast sea, Namor began to explore. He found a world at war. Namor joined the Allies' super soldiers, the Invaders, and helped them defeat the Axis powers in Europe. Tired of war, Namor returned to his undersea kingdom and eventually became ruler. Busy beneath the sea, Namor had little contact with the surface.

Today, Namor occasionally returns to the surface world but seems to be discouraged by the current state of affairs. He deals with Magnus and his royal family from time to time, but it is clear Namor does not approve of the way Magnus rules the planet. It may be only a matter of time before Namor returns to the surface world and joins a new war -- one against his mutant brothers and sisters.




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