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The young Earth girl known as Pamela Douglas suddenly found herself suffering from unexplained verbal outbursts, as she scribbled "hate them" repeatedly on notepads. These fits of anger were out of character for her. She later started to become delusional believing that her live-in boy friend Tom did not love her due to her going crazy. While in the washroom one night she decided to shave her head bald, she was soon placed under a doctor’s care. Believing that her condition was caused by stress of some kind recommended her to take a vacation. En-route to her destination she saw a billboard of a fetus, which caused her to crash her car.

Pam had now become convinced that her condition was a result of her being in the early stages of pregnancy, although when she saw the doctor for the second time, he was not able to confirm her suspicions, due to her test coming back negative. This new information escalated her fears and to make matters worse one night she was attacked by a giant hand, which resulted in her jetting form her apartment into the streets outside, where she was mysteriously contacted telepathically by the Avenger known as Moondragon, also known to the inhabitants of Earth as Heather Douglas. Moondragon was Pamela’s cousin. Heather informed Pamela how she gained her powers and became the super-hero Moondragon. She continued to spin her story explaining to Pamela, how she had succumbed to the extraterrestrial Dragon of the Moon that corrupted her mind, and set on a course of destruction, resulting in her body being destroyed while battling the Defenders. The Eternals of Titan had cloned a new body for Heather on Titan, but Heather's soul had hidden itself within Pamela. Heather was now conscious enough to speak with Pamela, and directed her to enter her ship, Sensia II, which would bring her to Titan.

Later, Pamela was attached once again by the entity that was responsible for her initial attack. Her attacker was revealed to be Isaac Christians, formerly Moondragon's ally Gargoyle form Earth, his soul was now confined to a crystal. Heather, spoke through Pamela, and convinced Isaac to stand down and come with them to Titan, with the hopes that they could find a new life for him as well. He agreed, and Pamela placed the crystal around her neck.




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