Sunstreak (Andrea Roarke)

Andrea RoarkeSunstreak



Sunstreak was once a member of the mercenary organization known as Stockpile. Along with fellow mercenaries Joust (Boudica Gorman), Calico (Pania Panapa), and Unicorn (Aaidan Blomfield), she was hired by Morgan Stark as part of his scheme to acquire the Iron Man armors developed by his illustrious cousin, Tony Stark. Through a robotic construct known as Brass, Morgan Stark directed Stockpile to break into the old Stark International Research and Development complex on Long Island, New York. After an altercation with Iron man and War Machine, Sunstreak and her allies were defeated. Most recently she was released from prison to take part in the Fifty State Initiative and began training at Camp Hammond.




128 lbs.




Yellow flame

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