When superheroic marvels began appearing in large numbers, one scientist in particular was consumed with studying the impact such beings on the future of humanity’s basic biology. His son helped hiim in collecting data, but the generators that powered his father’s equipment exploded. His father was killed, but the son lived on, changed by the experience into the living battery, Supercharger.

Supercharger resented the publicity and public attention giving the emerging new heroes, like the Fantastic Four and the early appearances of Spider-Man. He convinced publicity agent Max Shiffman to book him on a televised showcase of superhumans, It’s Amazing, and he appeared alongside Spider-Man. However, during the show, Supercharger revealed his true agenda, taking the audience and crew hostage, decrying the existence of superhumans and claiming to prove to be an example of the danger of their existence. Despite his own inexperience at the time, Spider-Man stopped the villain by using the studio equipment to drain away his power, as Supercharger had no ability to generate his own electricity.

Supercharger was later seen among the villains in a version of the Masters of Evil organized by the Crimson Cowl. The group attempted to blackmail the world with the threat of a weather-manipulating machine but were confronted by the Thunderbolts. Supercharger, along with the other villains, was remanded to custody.









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