Tagak comes from an otherdimensional realm where humans are born blind but gain sight by cultivating a psychic link with large cats, such as Tagak's "brother-in-sight," the leopard Opar. The dominate humanoid race seemed to function effectively without sight in Tagak's world; however, when they travel into dimensions other than their own, a seeing-eye cat such as Opar is required. Tagak's native realm is a land of shadowy mist dominated by strange crystalline landscapes and structures, including some whose faucets serve as portal to other dimensions. Tagak people seem to worship a higher power known as Seven, and the most important symbol of their religion is the sacred Krill statue. When the interdimensional thief Quothar stole the statue and fled to Earth, Tagak was assigned to hunt down.




190 lbs.




Uncertain (it is unclear whether Tagak wears a mask or actually has a feline head)

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