Tamara Rahn

Tamara Rahn



The red skinned female, Tamara Rahn and other members of the Banari journeyed to Earth from the aquatic planet of Laab. Their vessel landed in the Antarctic Ocean, thinking that they were invaders, all of the Banari except Tamara was slain by the Atlantean military. Tamara Rahn survived, and eluded the Atlanteans for a while. She hoped to seek vengeance on behalf of her fallen friends. She was eventually captured and brought before Lord Vashti. Vashti was saddened by the needless deaths of the Brotherhood, and sought to make amends Tamara. She asked for the Atlantean’s aid in repairing her craft so that she could return to the planet Laab. Not long after, the Sub-Mariner found a surviving Haab that was placed into Tamara's care. After her vessel was repaired, instead of returning home, she opened fire on the city Atlantis. Her vessel was attacked by the Sub-Mariner, who defeated the Haab. She tried to ram the ship into dome protecting Atlantis, but was unable to make it through. After being swiftly defeated by Namor she was taken captive and she threw herself upon Lord Vashti's mercy once more, and again she was permitted to remain in Atlantis as their guest. Tamara remained in Atlantis for some time to come. For awhile, she and Namor were lovers, but she later turned her affections towards Tiger Shark.

While she was away from the planet of Laab, her people were conquered by the Fomalhauti race. The Fomalhauti forced them and the Haab into servitude. Several of the survivors came to be utilized by Xlyym, a member of the marauding Starblasters. In an attempt to destroy the planet of Earth, Xlyym sent the Haab to install two large thrusters on the Earth's oceans floor. His plan was to tear the planet in half, as a distraction for the Starblasters. His actions were witnessed by the Inhuman Triton, and the Atlantean Remora. Xlyym dispatched the Banari and Haab to attack Triton, while Remora set out after Tamara, to inform her that her people were on Earth. Tamara arrived with Tiger Shark, and aided the Banari against Triton, who was finally defeated by the Haab Zun. Tamara along with the Sub-Mariner, Tiger Shark, Stingray, the Thing, and Invisible Woman set out to destroy Xlyym's destructive device, and found it guarded by the Sisterhood and the Haab within Challenger Deep. They deployed a bomb to destroy it. The bomb was put in place by the Haab Zun, who took the entire Sisterhood with him.

Tamara later joined the At'la'tique, a group of mostly Atlantean terrorists as a spy for the Sub-Mariner. While with the Fathom Five she had an altercation with the newly-reassembled Thunderbolts.




245 lbs.


Red (varies)



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