Born a princess in the 40th century on Earth-6311, Ravonna Renslayer is at first an ambassador to her people in the kingdom of Carelius. After an encounter with the all-powerful, self-important Kang the Conqueror, her life changes forever. 

Royal Birth

In the year 4978, Princess Ravonna Lexus Renslayer is born and raised by her father King Carelius in his kingdom of Carelius on Other Earth (AKA Earth-6311).

Suit of Armor with a Suite of Weapons

While she is the Terminatrix, she possesses a suit of armor that comes to her when called. It is equipped with weapons, including a 10-setting Kurtzberg Warp Cannon, and gauntlets featuring retractable daggers. The armor contains holographic circuitry, which can project different appearances, and she often takes the guise of Nathaniel Richards, AKA Kang the Conqueror, to rule his empire in Chronopolis in his stead. She also possesses futuristic technology and instruments that can detect energy fields. Ravonna is also a capable pilot through space-time, and uses a teleportation device on occasion.

Unlikely Allies and Time-Traveling Enemies

Catching the attention of Kang the Conqueror, Princess Ravonna rejects him by calling him a commoner, despite his powers and stature as a leader, he having won many victories across the galaxy with his invincible army. After he proves willing to sacrifice everything to save her from execution, she falls for him and ultimately saves his life at the cost of her own. When she is revived by En Dwi Gast, AKA the Grandmaster, who had engaged in a game with Kang where should he win he could choose to have power over life or death, and thus return Ravonna to life. The Grandmaster reveals to her that Kang won and chose death, death to his enemies the Avengers, which was more important to him than her return. This betrayal sets Ravonna on a path of vengeance.

Ravonna at first allies with the Avengers against Kang, but when her revenge against him becomes her sole focus, she becomes their enemy. She also manipulates the Avengers through Anthony Ludgate Druid, AKA Doctor Druid and attempts to manipulate the Fantastic Four as well, to no avail.

The Life and Times of the Time-Defying Princess

When Kang the Conqueror came upon the Kingdom of Carelius, Princess Ravonna spurred his advances. This rejection did not stop him from trying to prove his love for her and in attempting to win her over, he brought the Avengers forward in time from Earth-616 to battle him. Ravonna joined forces with the Avengers, since she saw Kang as a commoner and would rather die than be his bride, despite her father suggesting she consider his offer, most likely to spare the kingdom from his evil wrath.

When Kang and his army attacked the kingdom, Ravonna’s father suggested that she be taken to safety, but Ravonna refused, instead stating that she would not desert her people. Despite the efforts of the Avengers against Kang’s horde, Kang conquered the kingdom and claimed the throne. He had Ravonna brought to him and demanded a wedding. Baltag, commander of his elite guard, spoke up and reminded Kang of his own rules to slay the conquered monarchs to prevent a future rebellion against him. Kang refused and Baltag with other guard members attacked him for his failure to follow-through with his rules of engagement. The Avengers and Ravonna allied with him, and Ravonna noticed a change in Kang’s tone of voice. She encouraged her citizens to accept him as their liberator, and they defeated the army. Though the original instigator Baltag survived and in attacking Kang, Ravonna threw herself in front of him, saving his life and losing hers in the process. 

A future Kang called Prime Kang split into two counterparts after battling Thor, and one of them saved Ravonna from her fate by placing her dying body in stasis. In seeking to revive her, he played a game with the Grandmaster that if he won he could have power over life. However, he chose the power of death instead to slay his enemies, the Avengers. He failed to do so and meanwhile Grandmaster revived Ravonna, revealing Kang’s betrayal. As such, Ravonna sought revenge against Kang  and posed as the space pirate Nebula with the moniker Kang-Nebula. She infiltrated the Cross-Time Kangs, whose members included Kang counterparts. On her quest, she first attempted to control the Avenger Doctor Druid, to secure the Ultimate Nullifier, a powerful weapon. Her plot succeeded and through Druid manipulated the Avengers to retrieve the Nullifier located in a timestorm. Though the Avengers and Council realized her scheme, and with Jennifer Walters, AKA She-Hulk, defeated Ravonna who teleported away, escaping.

Ravonna’s next alias was Terminatrix, assassin and Mistress of Time, and she was determined to take Kang down. In trying to do so, the Avengers and the Fantastic Four got caught up in the fray, thanks to Kang who had been toying with them, tossing them half-formed plans just to have something to do. When Thor’s hammer hurlted towards Ravonna, Kang saved her and ended up near-dead. She watched over him, determined to save him, and ruled his Chronopolis in his stead by using her holographic circuitry in her armor to disguise herself as Kang.



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Ravonna Renslayer
Princess Ravonna Lexus Renslayer leads many lives: As an ambassador, she defends her people. As Kang’s one true love, she awaits to be revived. As a pirate and time-traveler, she seeks revenge.