The son of Atlantean Emperor Immanu, Thakorr was born in the early 19th century. Circa 1847, Skarka barbarians slew Immanu, and many other Atlanteans, driving the survivors from the Atlantic Ocean. As the new emperor Thakorr led his people to the Antarctic Ocean, where they built new Atlantis, sometimes called "Thakorr" in his honor. Antarctic Atlantis sometimes warred with the Seal People and other under water races. In 1920, human explorers aboard the ship "Oracle" using explosions to clear ice floes, inadvertently wrought havoc on Atlantis, killing many. Thakorr intended to send an expedition to investigate, but his daughter Fen, at the Atlantean elder Tulem's behest, investigated alone. Per Tulem's expectations, she fell in love with and married the ship's captain, Leonard MeKenzie. The "Oracle" departed following an Atlantean attack and, months later, Fen gave birth to Namor, a half-human Atlantean with powers beyond his race, per Tulem's plan. Soon afterward, Thakorr's adopted son, similarly manipulated by Telem, mated with a surface woman who gave birth to Aquaria Nautica Neptunia aka Namora. In 1928, honored Atlantean geneticist Vyrra tried to retrieve forbidden cloning sciences, and Thakorr banished him.




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