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The Captain was a soldier in the US military and fought in Afghanistan and the extraterrestrial Skrull invasion. He watched friends die or be exposed as Skrulls, and began questioning who should be trusted. As those in power debated over who should be in charge to protect the American people, it made him sick that no one wanted to be held accountable and felt citizens should really know what went on behind closed doors. Dedicated to serving his country, the Captain believed he was doing the right thing when he infiltrated the Swiss Fort Knox and stole a list of four hundred and nineteen high-level government informants, revealing them to the outside world; many of the informants were members of various criminal organizations and were still behind enemy lines. The Secret Avengers knew they couldn't save everyone, but they attempted to save the life of an A.I.M. scientist who seemed to cooperate with law enforcement out of genuine remorse and not because a deal was made to avoid jail time. They were too late, and the scientist was killed. The Avengers tracked the Captain to his secret base and Captain America (Steve Rogers) confronted him solo. The Captain labeled Rogers a traitor for collaborating with known terrorists, murderers and despots, and resorted to violence. Although trained by the US military, the Captain's fighting skills could not match Rogers, and he was arrested by federal troops.









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