Crash landing in Wakanda after a battle with the living television image, Fasaud, the newly mutated Thing and Ms. Marvel were surprised by the Throb android. It immediately made a move toward them, but the Thing attacked only to be surprised as Throb absorbed his power and added it to its own. Growing in size and strength, Throb seemed to be more than a match for the two, and Ms. Marvel, disgusted by her new form, hoped that this android could actually kill her. Provoking the robot to attack, Ms. Marvel allowed the robot to absorb her power in an attempt to have it beat her to death. The Thing would not allow that to happen, so he clobbered the robot again and again in order for Throb to absorb so much power that it would explode. The Black Panther arrived at the scene in the nick of time to switch the robot off and prevent the explosion. Upon being shut down, the energy Throb absorbed had dissipated from its body. The Black Panther explained that the android was to be used as a guardian for Wakanda’s Vibranium Mound, but he did not foresee the consequences of the android’s inability to release the power it absorbed. It was soon found out that Throb was created by Doctor Doom, and it is uncertain if the project was abandoned or not.


Unrevealed (normally), Varies when additional power is absorbed


Unrevealed (normally), Varies when additional power is absorbed





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