Not much is known about the criminal known only as Ticktock. At some point, he partnered with the failed performer called the Locksmith. The two embarked on a plan to capture superhuman beings and keep them imprisoned, although Ticktock's motives for doing so remain unclear. In particular, they followed the activities of the original Spider-Woman, capturing the superhumans and costumed criminals she defeated by using Ticktock's timing and stage illusions to snatch them without her noticing. Finally, after capturing dozens of superhumans, the Locksmith and Ticktock captured Spider-Woman herself, although she managed to free all the superhumans and capture the villains.

At some point, Ticktock was later contacted by the Shroud to join his team of criminals called the Night Shift, the circumstances of which remain unrevealed. Ticktock participated in the group's subsequent activities, including an attack on the Avengers' West Coast branch in revenge for capturing the Night Shift member, Digger. Eventually, the Night Shift mutinied against the Shroud's leadership, and presumably the team continues its villainous activities.




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