Tlaango is an alien from a distant world and was first seen running from Caffrey, a much larger whip-wielding alien with a bad disposition. Spider-Man mistook Tlaango's screams for a woman's, and went to assist. Although Spider-Man seemingly saved Tlaango from Caffrey's wrath, none of them were saved from the lunacy of Captain Marvel and his partner, Coven. Marvel abducted them and put on a mock trial, using Tlaango as the defendant and Spider-Man as his attorney with Caffrey and Coven on the opposing side. As Spider-Man attempted to defend Tlaango's right to be free, believing the alien to be a slave, Tlaango revealed his relationship with Caffrey was not one of servitude but rather a more intimate nature. Tlaango embarrassed Spider-Man and watched in horror as Coven murdered his partner merely for speaking his mind. Tlaango returned home and reported Caffrey's murder to Ulzak of the Borozil Clan, and together they returned to Earth with several armed troops to arrest Coven. Tracking an immense amount of cosmic energy Coven stole from Marvel, Tlaango identified Coven as the killer and was satisfied when Ulzak's troops shot him to death after Coven refused to surrender.









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