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Torgo is a mechanized being and the strongest member of his galaxy who was later kidnapped by a Skrull Slaver and brought to the planet Kral, a planet devoted to Earth’s Prohibition Period, to fight in the Skrulls’ great games. He was bought by Lippy Louie to fight against his enemy, Boss Barker’s, choice. Though he didn’t want to murder anyone his entire purpose for being became fighting and winning in the great games. What kept him from turning on his masters was the Skrulls’ sonic disruptor that they threatened his, and every other slave’s home planet with.

Soon the Fantastic Four’s Thing was also brought to the games, purchased by Barker, and left as Torgo’s cellmate before they fought in the arena. Ben tried to convince Torgo to join him against the slave masters, but Torgo felt that there was no choice and he refused-focusing only on the games. When the Thing later attempted to break free, Torgo explained that they kept a hypnotic machine in each cell that would convince their prisoners not to be able to use their powers or strength against them, which the Thing soon found out to his misfortune.

Then the games began and the slave masters brought Torgo and the Thing to the arena and explained that they must fight to the death or their home planets would be thrown out of orbit. After a fight between Cat Man and Primitoid, the masters set the Torgo and Ben against each other. Ben still didn’t believe there was a real threat, but the Skrulls set a group of asteroids hurtling into Earth’s Sun, convincing him. Torgo then grabbed a ball thrown to him to use as a weapon and hurtled it at the Thing, who promptly smashed it, causing it to explode. But Torgo didn’t want to win by trickery, though he still attacked Ben as he got up. Ben’s speed was quicker, however, and he hit him first. Though due to the mix-up with the weapon, their fight was restarted.

They faced each other again with a set of two-sided weapons. Torgo attacked first, using the weapon with his greater experience, but Ben soon got upset and turned his own weapon against Torgo, wrapping it around him and squeezing. Ben found himself unable to kill Torgo and he released enough pressure for Torgo to break free. Then Torgo used the nerve-gas at the end of his own weapon, weakening Ben, and prepared to crush him with the bludgeon side. Before he could Torgo found that he was unable to kill Ben, either, as Ben had shown him mercy earlier. The Skrulls then threatened both of their planets, but the Fantastic Four’s Crystal, who arrived with the rest of their group, destroyed their weapon before they could use it.

Without the threat to his homeworld, Torgo turned on the slave masters and released the other slaves. Together they revolted against their controllers while the Fantastic Four escaped in their stolen Skrull saucer. The fate of the fighter Torgo, however, remains unknown.









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