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Michael Stivak’s uncle "Kligger" was an employee of the Corporation’s Research and Development branch. Kligger was secretly approached by the shape-shifting Dire Wraiths to replicate the armor of the Galadorian Spaceknights, and he hired on Michael as an assistant under the pretense that their work was for national defense. Together they were responsible for the ideas that created the uniforms used by the Rocketeers and the Torpedoes. Kligger informed his superiors within the Corporation that the battle armor and its technology would be used for the purpose of taking over the United States of America. Michael worked diligently to perfect the battle armor, although he became outraged when he learned of his uncle’s true intentions. Michael gave Kligger the less-than adequate Rocketeer suit, and he fled with the Torpedo battle armor. Michael took the name of the “Torpedo” and journeyed to New York to destroy the last known blueprints and details of the armor. However, his plan was interrupted by the superhero known as Daredevil. During his battle with Daredevil, Michael accidentally caused the collapse of a building, while trying to avoid causing harm to an innocent man who had stumbled upon their confrontation. Micheal's actions led to him fatally injuring himself and leaving Daredevil covered in the rubble. Realizing that he was dying Michael gave an explanation and the Torpedo armor to the innocent man, now known as Brock Jones. Unaware of the switch Daredevil continued on with the battle, but eventually Brock cleared his name with Daredevil and continued to use the armor to uphold justice.




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