Little is known about Tracer at this point. He describes himself as a 'machine god' that the artificial intelligences of other machines created to worship, alleging that he becomes stronger over time since more machines worship him the longer he operates. Testing his increasing powers, Tracer robbed the Bank of New York, held off Spider-Man and escaped. Soon after, Tracer took to the skies in his Flying Wing. Claiming he had a bomb he would detonate if New York City failed to pay him a fortune. Spider-Man and Iron Man (Tony Stark) foiled his scheme, but Tracer escaped again. The next night, Tracer infiltrated Stark Tower planning to kill Spider-Man after learning from his machine worshippers that Spider-Man was living there. At the same time, Tracer was using his powers to cause cars to swerve out of control, entire computer grids to crash, and a giant robot to rampage throughout New York City as a diversion. Posing as a reserve Avenger named “Tommy” on monitor duty while the other Avengers were busy dealing with Tracer’s “machine revolt”, Tracer conversed with Spider-Man’s Aunt May until Spider-Man returned and attacked the villain. During the battle, Tracer analyzed Spider-Man’s DNA and determined that Spider-Man was in no condition to fight him, vowing to reign in his mechanical worshippers and step off the path of divinity for the time being as his skin melted away, revealing a robotic body.




290 lbs.





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