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Although his early history is unknown, it is known that Chisholm was an entertained for a traveling carnival, his particular talent being Trickshot archery. While working on the carnival another performer Jacques Duquesne (the Swordsman), asked Chisholm to teach his assistant, Hawkeye (Clint Barton), how to use a bow and arrow. Chisholm took the future Hawkeye under his wing and taught him everything he knew, helping the young man grow into a great archer. While during training Barton caught the Swordsman stealing from the carnival register. Duquesne tried to get Barton to go along with his crime, and when Barton refused Swordsman attacked him and would have killed him had Trickshot not interfered. Trickshot disarmed and defeated the Swordsman forcing him to flee, and Trickshot nursed Barton back to health over the next few months and continued his training.

After a few more months Trickshot decided that Barton was ready to become his partner in an extortion racket he had planned. On their first mission together, Trickshot and Barton went to the home of a criminal known as Marko, who was coincidentally the man Swordsman was attempting to repay when he stole from the carnival. While trying to rob Marko, Trickshot killed him, and during the escape Barton killed Barney Barton, who had taken a job as a bodyguard for Marko (it was later revealed however that Barney Barton did not die at this time, as he was later killed by Egghead. Shocked by his own actions, Barton rebelled against Trickshot and they fired arrows at each other. After impaling Barton on a tree, Trickshot told Barton that he would return one day to kill him.

For the next several years Trickshot worked as a freelance bodyguard, assassin, and mercenary for well-paying clients. As time went on Trickshot was diagnosed with terminal cancer and that he only had a short time to live. Wanting to die a noble death, Trickshot sought out Barton, who had become a very accomplished archer and took the name Hawkeye. Trickshot wanted to set up a duel between he and Hawkeye in which Barton would win. Trickshot then went about luring Hawkeye to an island in Greece, and they fought but Hawkeye found he could not kill his old teacher. Instead the two made their peace and went their separate ways.

Later, Trickshot learned that Crossfire had put a bounty on Hawkeye’s shooting arm and had hired a variety of criminals to attack him. At around the same time he received word that his cancer had gone into remission. Wishing to help his former student, Trickshot assisted Hawkeye and his wife Mockingbird in battle against Crossfire, Mad-Dog, the Bullet Biker, Bobcat, the Brothers Grimm, Razorfist, and the Death Throws. After their victory, Trickshot again parted ways with Hawkeye.

It is unknown what Trickshot’s current status is or whether or not he is aware that Hawkeye was recently killed.




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