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Wolverine Complete History Part 5


The Complete History of Wolverine: Cheating Fate

Part 5! The conclusion to Wolverine’s comics history... but the journey has just begun.

Tyger Tiger


‘Black Widow’: Burning Madripoor – A Profile of Tyger Tiger

Tracing Jessan Hoan’s beginnings to her arrival in BLACK WIDOW #2



After graduating from Harvard, Jessan Hoan worked for her families bank, Hoan International Bank, in Singapore. She quickly became a successful young executive and helped the bank become a rival to Asia's largest bank, the Meridian Bank. After failing to subvert the Hoan's Bank success through legal means, the Meridian Bank heads hired Madripoorian crimelord Roche, to deal with the problem. Roche, in turn, hired the cyborg mercenary Reavers to attack the Hoan Bank. They pillaged the vaulted and murdered all of the bank's staff, leaving Jessan as the sole survivor. It was through her efforts to resist them that she earned the nickname "tiger" from the Reavers, the kidnapped her and took her back to their base in Australian Outback. There the Rever Pretty Boy tried to reprogram Jessan's mind, replacing her moral standards with a morality more appropriate to a Revear and endowing her with enhanced fighting skills; however, her reprogramming was interrupted by the arrival of the X-Men, leaving Jessan's program incomplete. Though she no longer had her original personality, she was not completely amoral either. After the Revears were defeated, the X-Men's ally Roma returned Jessan to the place and moment from which she was abducted.




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