Sword of Surtur

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The God of War Seeks to Reclaim Glory in 'The Sword of Surtur' Prose Novel

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A valiant defender of Asgard, Tyr had lost his left hand while binding Fenris, the wolf god, before the mighty Thor was born. However, he has rebelled against Odin because of his bitterness towards Thor's superiority. Tyr has also fought against Surtur, the fire demon, and Seth, the Heliopolitan God of death, in the defense of Asgard. Because of the events of Ragnarok, Tyr suffered the same fate that befell the rest of the Asgardians.

After the return of Thor, Tyr was reborn and reunited with the rest of his Asgardian brethren within the halls of fabled Asgard. While mainly keeping to themselves, he and his brothers recently came under attack by a power-mad Norman Osborn. Osborn's goal was to eliminate the threat of Asgard from Earth, and it was foretold that Tyr would die in the battle. Nearly giving in to his inevitable fall, he chose to deny the prophecy and fight on. Battered and bruised, Tyr stood by the side of Balder as he rallied the troops to expel the interlopers from their fallen kingdom.




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