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Edie Sawyer’s mutant teleportation abilities first manifested when she was twelve years old after she was suspected of sleepwalking. A few years later, Edie fell in love with a young boy who was visiting from San Francisco and became pregnant. Scared at the thought of being a mother so young, Edie unconsciously teleported herself to Hollywood shortly after giving birth to her daughter. Ironically, Edie’s own biological father was just “passing through town,” an arrangement made by her parents since her adopted father could not conceive children. After a failed attempt at starting an acting career, Edie turned to a life of crime until she learned of a new media savvy team of superhuman mutants named X-Force. Deciding to become a superhero, Edie persisted until she was accepted as a member.

Renaming herself U-Go Girl, Edie quickly became a celebrity and subsequently vied for leadership of the team. Being the most senior member, Edie expected to lead the team and was shocked when newcomer the Orphan was named leader at a press conference. The Orphan’s style of leadership soon clashed with the wishes of the team’s backer, trillionaire software developer Spike Freeman, and so the team’s Coach was assigned to dispose of him and he enlisted Edie’s aid, promising her the team’s leadership in return. When she teleported to Orphan’s home, she discovered he played Russian roulette with a revolver every night. Loading the gun fully with bullets, Edie left, but was later struck with remorse over her actions. She was stopped from warning Orphan by Coach, who tried to kill her; however after the timely arrival of The Orphan, Edie shot and killed Coach.

Edie and Orphan eventually fell in love, and she helped him overcome his suicidal tendencies. He, in turn, helped her sort out her erratically functioning powers by accompanying her back home to see her family. Later, Edie was mortally wounded by one of a team of genetically altered humans named the Bush Rangers who had taken control of a space station. As she lay dying in Orphan’s arms, she told him that she wanted to be buried out in space rather than have her grave on Earth become a tourist trap, and that she’d thought of a new name for the team - the X-Statix.




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