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The Unspoken ruled the city of Attilan and its Inhuman inhabitants long before Blackagar Boltagon took the mantle of ruler. The Unspoken was respected by all, and not only was he respected he was loved. Even the brutish Alpha Primitives, upon whose sweat and toil built the city of Attilan, adored their monarch in their own simple way. For Though it is their station to serve, he treated them with kindness shown by few others, preferring their stoic company to courtiers' gossip and intrigue. But make no mistake about it this mighty monarch was as feared as he was loved.

thumbAfter making the decision to conceal the Slave Engine, which was thought to be the greatest weapon possessed by the Inhumans, within his time of leadership. He felt that due to its destructive potential the weapon should not be used even to conquer humanity outside of Attilan. Outraged at the passive decision made by the Unspoken, Prince Black Bolt, with the help of his young followers Gorgon, Karnak, and Medusa only a week removed from their terrigenesis overthrew him. For his unwillingness to reveal the location of the Slave Engine, Black Bolt declared through the voice of Medusa that all records of the Unspoken were removed from the archives of their people and that his name would never be mentioned again. The Unspoken found refuge among the Alpha Primitives who nurtured their king back to health.

Later in Tibet autonomous region, Peoples Republic of China. The Unspoken re-emerged emitting strong radiation of Terrigen particles, that caught the attention of the U.S.Agent, Ban-Luck and Quicksilver who was quickly able to identify the Unspoken and reported to the U.S.Agent that they would need the assistance of all the Avengers to bring this guy in but before they could make any type of play on their target, the People's Defense Force of China appeared only to be instantly defeated like flies with a swatter.




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