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Angelo Unuscione is a superhuman mutant whose powers did not surface until adolescence. He first used them as a school bully, and later as a small time criminal. At some point after immigrating to America, Unuscione legally changed his name to Gunther Bain. He used his ability to create a virtually impenetrable force field around himself to launch a career as a flamboyant, invincible costumed wrestler known by the stage name of Unus the Untouchable.

Unus was sought out by Magneto through his ally Mastermind as a potential addition to the original Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. As a test, Mastermind suggested Unus try to find the X-Men, the team of superhuman mutants, who were then Magneto's enemies, or to defeat one of them. Unus committed a theft and was himself found by the X-Men, who battled him. One of the X-Men, the Beast, used his scientific skill to create a device that magnified the power of Unus's force field so much that Unus could not control it. Unable to stop projecting his force field, Unus found it impossible to hold food or eat. Unus gave himself up to the X-Men, and the Beast returned his power to its previous level. Unus, humbled, returned to his wrestling career.

But months later, Unus formed a friendship and criminal partnership with the Blob, another superhuman mutant. The two mutants eventually enlisted in two organizations of mutants bent on world conquest, the original Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and Factor Three. Factor Three disbanded shortly after it was formed and Unus and Blob joined the Brotherhood once again. During Christmas Unus and the Brotherhood came into conflict with the new X-Men team. During the battle Unus was singled out by Wolverine and viciously attacked by him. Months later Unus along with the Brotherhood faced several foes including the Defenders when Magneto created the artificial mutant known as Alpha The Ultimate Mutant. During this confrontation Alpha reverted the Brotherhood to infants.

Some time later Unus and the Brotherhood were restored to their true ages. Unus and other Brotherhood members were then kidnapped by the Secret Empire who used their mutant powers to power a machine. The Secret Empire was then stopped by Captain America and other heroes. The Brotherhood and Unus was then set free. Since then, wearied and shaken by the failures of both groups, Unus abandoned his dreams of aiding in world conquest, and sought instead to amass a fortune for himself through crime. His first attempt to gain money was when he robbed a pawn shop in New York City. There he encountered Iron Fist and Luke Cage. Their first attempt to stop Unus failed, but eventually the two learned from their mistakes and finally beat him. Sometime later his power, for reasons still unknown, increased to such a high level that he could no longer shut it off and he could barely control it. Unus feared that he would die either of starvation from being unable to touch any food or from asphyxiation, since his power was beginning to repel air molecules. A blow of tremendous force from the Hulk apparently dispersed the field, but it immediately began to build again and run beyond the limits that Unus could control. Unus found himself suspended by his field in the air, finally, unable to eat. Finally, during a confrontation with Spider-Man, the force field became so strong that Unus was unable to breathe. He blacked out and the force field dispersed, causing him to fall into the arms of his friend, the Blob. The Blob believed Unus to be dead and went off on a grief-stricken rampage.

Years later Unus was found on Genosha after an encounter with Polaris. He was taken in by the X-Men and was questioned about her whereabouts. He then set off to become an advocate for Magneto and started a gang on Genosha which clashed time and again with the new Excalibur team. And during the House of M crisis Unus was deployed as a magistrate in Australia when he was severly injured by the Hulk (House of M).

After the House of M fiasco Unus' powers vanished and he continued to live on Genosha with Magneto and other depowered mutants. After some time Quicksilver and his daughter Luna came to Genosha and brought with them the Mists of Terrigen in order to return the depowered mutants' powers. Unus seized this opportunity and inhaled the mists, restoring his powers. Soon however the Office of National Emergency soon stepped in and took the mists from Quicksilver and his daughter. Lockjaw managed to teleport Luna and Pietro away before ONE could capture them, leaving a battle between the Inhumans and the repowered mutants of Genosha. During the battle Unus faced Karnak, who was amazed he could not break Unus' shield. However Unus' powers soon evolved beyond his control and a pink metallic shell began to form all over his body. Soon, both the Inhumans and the repowered mutants tried to save Unus' life; however, it was too late. As Unus' field began to dissolve, it was discovered that he had died from lack of oxygen.

Recently, Unus was revived on Genosha by Selene with a combination of the alien techno organic virus and magic. It is unclear whether Unus was destroyed after the events of Necrosha or if he was one of the few infected who managed to get away.




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