Ursa Major

Mikhail Uriokovitch UrsusUrsa Major



Ursus was one of the first mutants born in the Soviet Union. He escaped the usual practice of mutant genocide by being brought into service for the state by Professor Phobos. Here, he met and worked alongside Vanguard and Darkstar. Soon, the government impressed him and his two friends into service as the Soviet Super-Soldiers. After several adventures, Ursus and the others turned against the Soviet regime after his teammates were unwittingly forced to fight their father. They became agents fighting for the good of the people.

Finally fed up with the Communist system, the three heroes defected to the United States only to be foiled by the People's Protectorate, being brought back to a scientific base for unknown purposes before being rescued by Blindfaith and his mutant “exiles” in order to form an underground team that would fight for the people under a government that hates and fears them.

Later, Ursa Major followed Vanguard into the employ of General Tskarov, a communist sympathisizer who wanted to undermine American business along the East Coast. Ursus only agreed, however, in order to find the missing Darkstar, whom Ursa Major found in Tskarov's labs, being experimented on. Ursa, Darkstar, and Vanguard then joined the Black Widow and Daredevil in taking Tskarov down. Presumably, Ursa returned to the mother country to continue his crime-fighting there.


(as Ursus) 6'3", (as Ursa Major) 7'5"


(as Ursus) 255 lbs., (as Ursa Major) 955 lbs.





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