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Sorcerer Supreme of his homeworld Gevaltu, Urthona found and captured a soul fragment of the human Topaz after its release from Mephisto's Hell. Learning of Earth, Urthona plotted to slay Doctor Strange to become the Sorcerer Supreme of the entire universe. Granting magical armor and weapons to his warrior champion, Urthona sent him to Earth. While Strange fought the champion in the streets of New York, Urthona used the soul fragment to manipulate Topaz into helping him transport Dr. Strange's entire Sanctum-and magical artifacts it contained-to Gevaltu. Skewered by the champion's weapon, Dr. Strange sent his astral self to possess Morganna Blessing to continue the battle. When she was injured as well, Dr. Strange furiously resorted to black magic and summoned the demon Satannish to consume the champion.


6'11" (originally 11'3")


390 lbs. (originally 982 lbs.)





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