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Valeria ToomesValerie Jessup



When Valeria Toomes was a young girl, her mother, tired of living her life on the run, took her away from her criminal father, Adrian. When she grew up, Valeria falsified her identity and joined SHIELD under the name of Valerie Jessup. The subversive organization AIM discovered her secret, and contacted her, threatening to expose her identity unless she acted as their agent within SHIELD. Unwilling to betray SHIELD, Valeria turned to her long lost father, now the super villain Vulture, to retrieve the disc containing her personal information. Posing as "Valeria Merrick," an agent of legendary crime lord Tristram Silver, Valeria gathered six super villains - Juggernaut (Cain Marko), Deadpool (Wade Wilson), Sabertooth (Victor Creed), Bullseye (Lester), Sandman (William Baker), and her father - to steal it from AIM under the pretense that the identity Disc" contained the identities of every costumed hero in the USA. After Sandman, who was in on the plan, faked his own death to convince the others "Merrick" meant business, the others investigated AIM's front companies until they located the disc in an AIM subterranean Manhattan base. However, one by one, the Vulture betrayed his colleagues until only he and the Juggernaut remained. After the Juggernaut retrieved the disc, Toomes knocked him out and destroyed it, but he was captured by SHIELD while trying to escape the base. Valeria escorted her father from his interrogation session to a prison transport, giving her time to thank him. Skinhead Titus Purves threatened Valeria and her son to force Toomes to build a flying harness for him, but Toomes double-crossed and killed Purves to save his daughter and grandson.




141 lbs.




Red, dyed black

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