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The daughter of a successful television/film producer and the heir to Imperial Studios, his massive media empire, Nina Price lived a life of luxury. When Nina was 12, her mother mysteriously disappeared and her father subsequently enrolled her in exclusive boarding schools for the rest of her childhood, leaving her highly educated and cultured but socially awkward. At a pool party celebrating her 18th birthday, Nina learned of another family legacy she had inherited. Under the full moon, Nina ran screaming from the party and transformed into a werewolf for the first time. These "blackouts" Nina experienced began occurring once a month and Nina wore a red bodysuit to hide her victims' bloodstains. Eventually, Nina received a letter from her mother explaining that she had inherited the Russoff family curse. Nina's uncle, Jack Russell, was the last family member afflicted with lycanthropy until now.

Nina traveled the world, using her father's money to seek mystics who could remove the curse. In a Transylvanian village in the Carpathian Mountains, Nina encountered a vampire who attempted to make her his mate rather than drain her life completely; but after Nina arose from her catatonic state as a unique werewolf/vampire hybrid, she transformed into an arctic timber wolf, nearly devouring her vampiric suitor before he escaped. She did not develop the perverse erotic attraction that most victims develop toward the vampire that bit them. Nina noticed several changes with her new nature. Rather than "blacking-out," she now remembered everything that happened while in wolf-form, which she could assume at will after sundown. She now craved blood every night and would lose more self-control the longer she went without killing. Unable to satiate her bloodthirst with blood bags or plasma, Nina traveled the world, frequenting high-crime areas so that she could feed on muggers and rapists.

Most recently, Nina met Inger Reinfeld while interviewing candidates to serve as her personal assistant, manage her travel schedule and keep track of her expenses. Inger discovered Nina's true nature after witnessing her full moon rampage through the Los Angeles Zoo. After helping subdue Nina, Inger was hired for the job.




119 lbs.


(Vampire red; (human) blue



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